Surveying / Engineering Equipment Leasing

Read in Professional Surveyor Magazine how equipment leasing through Summit Commercial Finance has helped RST Land Surveying expand their business!

Having the right equipment in the field is crucial to staying competitive and keeping surveying business operations running efficiently.  Leasing offers many benefits specific to the surveying industry.

Prevent Technology Obsolescence

Surveying equipment technology, especially in the case of GPS equipment, is changing daily.  Through our Technology Upgrade Program your customers can add features to their equipment throughout their lease term.

Increase Repeat Business

As technology advances your customers need to upgrade their equipment to remain competitive. Through leasing they can match their lease term to the life of their equipment. At the end of their lease term, your customers can upgrade their equipment with your latest, state-of-the-art equipment.

  • Computers
  • Engineering Copiers
  • GPS Instruments
  • Hydrographic Equipment
  • Machine Control
  • Photographic Equipment
  • Plotters
  • Remote Sensing
  • Scanners
  • Software
  • Total Stations