Surveying / Engineering Equipment Leasing

Read in Professional Surveyor Magazine how equipment leasing through Summit Commercial Finance has helped RST Land Surveying expand their business!

Having the right equipment in the field is crucial to staying competitive and keeping surveying business operations running efficiently.  Leasing offers many benefits specific to the surveying industry.

Avoid Technology Obsolescence

Surveying equipment technology, especially in the case of GPS equipment, is changing daily.  Through our Technology Upgrade Program you are able to add features to your equipment throughout your lease term.

Avoid the Impact of Market Volatility

Surveying is subject to volatility in the housing, construction and development markets.  Leasing allows you to keep more cash on hand to successfully endure changes in related markets.

Lessen Impact of Slow Paying Customers

When client payments are overdue, your cash reserves must supplement that delay of income.   Purchasing equipment outright depletes those reserves making it harder to absorb late payments.

Let the Equipment Pay for Itself

Most Surveyors bill on an hourly basis.  Leasing is an effective tool to match up your monthly lease payment to your hourly billing rates.

  • Computers
  • Engineering Copiers
  • GPS Instruments
  • Hydrographic Equipment
  • Machine Control
  • Photographic Equipment
  • Plotters
  • Remote Sensing
  • Scanners
  • Software
  • Total Stations

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