Medical Equipment and EMR Software Leasing

The medical industry in the United States leases almost $3 billion worth of equipment each year. In such a technologically driven industry, leasing has become the standard method by which doctors acquire advanced healthcare equipment while preserving their cash reserves.

1% EMR Stimulus Programs  |  $0 Down

No large investment up front allows customers to implement systems now with minimal risk.  Customers can begin to show “meaningful use” right away in order to qualify for stimulus payments.

$0 Payments for 90 Days

This allows customers to implement and learn the software before making a single payment!

1% 12 Months

The first 12 monthly payments equal just 1% of the total amount financed! This will be followed by 48 regular monthly payments

Summit Commercial Finance has financing programs for MDs with income guaranteed hospital support contracts!

Front Loaded Payment Structure

With hospital income guaranteed contracts, this program will front load payments for the first 12 months. This enables the hospital to absorb the majority of the cost of the system leaving the doctor with little out of pocket expense.

Tax Benefits

Lease payments are treated as expenses on a company’s balance sheet therefore the equipment does not have to be depreciated over five to seven years. Learn more about the tax benefits…

Lessen Impact of Slow Paying Insurance Providers

Leasing allows you to keep your cash reserves less susceptible to patient/insurance provider failure to pay in a timely manner.  When payments are past due, your cash reserves must supplement that delay of income.   Purchasing equipment outright depletes those reserves making it harder to absorb late payments.

Start-Up Practices

Physicians starting a new practice oftentimes need the most equipment but also have the most difficulty securing bank financing. With our customized program for start-up practices, Doctors can obtain the equipment they need today.

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